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Sri Maha Bodhi is a banyan tree growing in Sri Lanka.It is the oldest tree in the world that has a recorded history – of more than 23 centuries.

Sri Maha Bodhi is a banyan tree growing in Sri Lanka.

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The rings inside a tree are particularly useful to tell scientists about changes in the climate that happened many thousands of years ago, before written records were kept.He said that it gave him a sense of calm and strength.We all know that trees are essential for the environment and the survival of our planet.And they don't only share with trees of the same species – any type of tree can benefit.A community of trees makes itself stronger by working together.Buddhist monks had continued to cultivate the tree.Today it is popular in parks and gardens and is widely used in natural medicine.Trees are of invaluable importance to our environment and to human well being.They give us clean water to drink, air to breathe, shade and food to humans, animals and plants.The oldest living organism on earth is a bristlecone pine tree which grows in the USA.It is about 4,700 years old – which means that it was growing when the Egyptians built the Pyramids.


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