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Carson asks a series of questions which will always be integral to the human experience: “The question is whether any civilization can wage relentless war on life without destroying itself, and without losing the right to be called civilized.” While admonishing man throughout for his imprudent and injudicious behavior, his “shotgun approach to nature,” she never lets him forget his essential humanity and his humble place in the scheme of life.

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Nature endures and survives through the interdependence of many life forms.

In many instances, not only were the “pests” eliminated but other creatures were destroyed as well.

Other chemicals impair the normal functioning of the liver.

This damage to the liver reduces the body’s supply of the B vitamins, leading to the escalation of the body’s production of estrogens.

Ironically, very often in the aftermath of a toxic deluge there emerged a species of insect resistant to the chemical, requiring even more lethal dosages.

In launching this warfare, this chemical “rain of poison,” then, people had succumbed to a strategy which often not only did not eradicate the initial problem but also wrought heedless and senseless devastation.

Body tissues in other life forms and in man have the proven capability to store toxic substances.

Thus, a chemical, laboratory-tested for a “harmless” dosage, may not prove quite so innocuous once it accumulates or when it interacts with other substances which render it even more lethal.

While not wishing to diminish the funds and the effort expended in the research to find a cure for the most dreaded twentieth century scourge of man, cancer, she advocates an equal commitment to research directed at prevention.

The prose style of is rational and straightforward, but a deep emotional involvement permeates every page of this factual, scientific text.


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