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So, how can the blame be transferred to IVF when we are still experimenting with genetics.When seen in different light some of those moral issues can be seen as unfair to those who practice it and need it.Drego In Vitro Fertilization and it's Moral and Ethical issues.

I take a middle path to what I think is moral and ethical about this issue, and believe that it depends on the persons concerned and the exercise of their own personal opinions and personal options available to them.

Did you know that modern medicine makes it possible for couples who cannot naturally conceive a baby to become pregnant?

Now a journalist, Comeau recently recounted her experiences with the media in a first person essay in the Boston Globe.

"PBS cameras taped my birth, and I attended my first press conference at 3 days old," she writes.

For example, when a married couple of child baring age, cannot conceive and have tried all possible ways to no avail, they then turn to and place their hopes in, in vitro fertilization.

There is a higher chance of conceiving with IVF in those cases where both persons are healthy but due to various circumstances cannot bring about natural conception.

I will attempt to discuss some of the moral and ethical issues.

Additionally, I will draw a conclusion to whether I think in vitro fertilization is moral and ethical.

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