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Their actions consist of ritually inspecting their hats. Estragon and Vladimir symbolize the human condition as a period of waiting. The tragicomedy of the play illustrates this, as two men are waiting for a man of whom they no little about.Nothingness is what the two tramps are essentially fighting against and reason why they talk. Most of society spend their lives searching for goals, such as exam or jobs, in the hope of attaining a higher level or advancing. The anti-climaxes within the play represent the disappointment of life’s expectations.

Their actions consist of ritually inspecting their hats. Estragon and Vladimir symbolize the human condition as a period of waiting. The tragicomedy of the play illustrates this, as two men are waiting for a man of whom they no little about.

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The few leaves that have grown on the tree by the second act may symbolize hope but more feasibly represent the illusive passage of time.

Beckett wrote in his Proust essay that time is the ‘poisonous’ condition we are born to, constantly changing us without our knowing, finally killing us without our assent. The fantasized prospect of an erection – a by-product of hanging – makes Estragon ‘highly excited’ (p. The dread of nightmares plague Estragon during the day; ailments and fears become more agonizing.

Beckett suggests that activity and inactivity oppose one another: thought arising from inactivity and activity terminating thought. Beckett suggests that no-one advances through the inexorable passage of time. For example Pozzo and Lucky’s first arrival is mistaken for the arrival of Godot.

In the second Act they admit that habit suppresses their thoughts and keeps their minimal sanity: ” Estragon: we are incapable of keeping silent. These points reinforce Kierkagaard’s theory that all life will finish as it began in nothingness and reduce achievement to nothing.

Waiting for Godot has been a subject of my thoughts for about two weeks now.

While considering the work, its author, and the comments I have found about the play, I have come up with three hypotheses as to the meaning and overall theme. He is someone who will come to make a great change in the Vladimir and Estragon’s lives, a great change for the better.Passing the time is their mutual obsession, as exhibited after the first departure of Pozzo and Lucky: ” Vladimir: That passed the time. Beckett deliberately employs the repetition of themes, speech and action to highlight the futility and habit of life.Gogo and Didi frequently repeat phrases, such as, “Nothing to be done”. This may be a mockery of all human endeavour, as it implies that mankind achieves nothing, and is ironically contradictory to Beckett’s own endeavour.Note how shadowy the past becomes to Estragon, as he asks questions such as, “What did we do yesterday” (p. Moreover, all the characters caught in the deteriorating cycle of events do not aspire to the future.The play consists of two acts which represent two cycles of time or two mirrors reflecting endlessly.Many critics put the first theory forth as the true meaning of Waiting, and there are many aspects of it by which they can make their point. Everything we do, say, feel, experience, etc., is just passing the time until our lives come to an end. Likewise, through our lives we mistake people and occurrences for Christ. The fact that Godot never comes also helps to prove the second theory about the meaning of Waiting. Beckett may have used the play to illustrate how pathetic Humanity seems as it strives toward a nonexistent goal.The most obvious is the title character, Godot, because the root word of the name is God. He also made great fun of all those philosophers that ponder on the meaning of our existence using the character of Lucky.The third and final theory about the meaning of Waiting for Godot is that it has no meaning.When questioned repeatedly on the matter, Beckett was quoted in the New York Times as saying, “I know no more of this play than anyone who manages to read it attentively,” and, ”I do not know who Godot is.Estragon may have been a poet, but he is now content to quote and adapt, saying, “Hope deferred maketh the something sick” (p. Beckett’s bitterness towards time is illustrated by Pozzo’s bleak speech: “(suddenly furious).10) – the something being the heart from a quote from the Bible. Time also erodes Estragon’s memory, as shown here: ” Vladimir: What was it you wanted to know Estragon: I’ve forgotten. Have you not done tormenting me with your accursed time!


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