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When writing in third person, you have to everybody!You have to know every character’s motivations, thoughts, feelings, and backgrounds.It’s interesting to note that by comparison, writing in third person is a lot of work.

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You can paint a bigger picture if you are writing in the third person.

In first person, everything is limited to what the main character—one person—sees and feels.

They are the subject of the sentence, and these pronouns are Oh, the drama!

And all of it shown by third person pronouns in the objective case.

However, you must have something left for the reader to engage in all the way through your writing. Not only do you have to know their emotions and motivations, you have to know where they are physically.

You must carefully craft your essay, paper, or story so that you don’t simply blurt it all out at once! Even though you may not include every detail as your writing unfolds, you should still know what is going on in the background.Even the character’s emotions are not hidden from the third person narrator. Just pick up any The basic element of writing in third person is the fact that the writer plays the role of a narrator, and is not one of the story’s characters.Now, here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly about writing in the third person.Dawne received a Double Bachelor of Arts Degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo.After having three children and raising them at home for a decade, she went to law school and graduated Cum Laude in 2007.This omniscient viewpoint is very valuable because it lets you inside each character’s mind. You know their history, why they think the way they do, why they do what they do, what they did last week, and what they will do next month. Also, a third person writer has no emotional involvement in what’s happening. It is hard to be relatable when you are writing in third person.Yes, you can report a conversation to the reader, but they are still hearing the story from the outside looking in.If you don’t plan this way, you may find that at some point in your writing, something doesn’t make sense. Whether it is an academic paper or a novel, third person narratives must be planned out in detail so as to avoid confusion down the road.It can be something as simple as the timing of events being “off” or overlapping, or something that just doesn’t fit. Just like in first and second person writing, the third person perspective is driven by the pronouns used.So let’s get started with the pronouns you will be using, and how you will be using them when writing in third person.First, we’re going to check out the singular third person pronouns that are used in the subjective case.


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