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The most important goal that advertisement contains is to attract the viewers first.Television is the most efficient way for business industries to use to take advantage of showing advertisement.Advertisements are mainly focused on certain groups of people.Television Advertising Television advertisement takes an important part of everyday human's life.Everyday millions of people in America and the world watches Television and advertisements.The TV glues them to the set instead of allowing them to go out.Television prevents people from communicating with each other which had caused the harm to the relationship between family members.A lot of people especially the people around their 20's would be convinced that if he or she drinks Coors light beer, then they could enjoy the coolness of being young and active. Television does a lot more to consumers when it comes to advertisement.Since the commercial contains both sex, it would refer to the people aroun... Business industries spend a lot of money on how to make the commercial more convincing to views out there.People have grown addicted to television, often neglecting the necessary and more important things like meals, sleep, and even work.The more the viewer watches television, the lazier they become.


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