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Last but not least, children would be healthier on account of parents’ concern.The diet of children is mostly prepared by other family members.On the other hand, good nurturing raises the children’s confidence.

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They must change the habit of playing to an uncomfortable one, which is the responsibility for studying well.

At this very first stage, children integrate the studying method from the elder members in their family, which really affects their results in the long future.

I would also remove “it is also claimed that” and I would remove the entire sentence “ Today we hear a lot about teenage crime or juvenile delinquency. I believe it is because of good parenting and the way families raise their children.

This essay will discuss some of the many positive effects of good parenting.

In conclusion, good parenting creates a tremendous impact on the behavior, studying result and good health of a child.

During the early age, children cannot take care of themselves and they demand great caution from their family.

Good behavior and polite way of communicating with others stem from how a person was taught by his/her family.

In brief, the more people are educated, the more respect they may show.

Another important influence of good parenting is that it promotes the academic success of students.

After leaving the kindergarten, children approach an entirely new environment, the primary school.


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