Essays Brehon Law Women

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Nobles and other persons holding large areas would rent to clansmen not the land itself but the right to graze cattle, and they sometimes even rented out the cattle themselves.

There were two distinct methods of letting and hiring: tenure were largely settled by the law; the clansman was left free within the limits of justice to end the relationship, and no liability was imposed on the clansman’s joint family.

Fergus Kelly notes that no cases relating to the Cáin Adomnáin have been preserved.

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The parties to a contract had to be free citizens, of full age, free to contract, and under no legal disability.

Essays Brehon Law Women

A witness was in all cases important—and, in some, essential—to the validity of a contract.

The legal symposium at the Synod of Birr was prompted when Adomnáin had an Aisling dream vision wherein his mother excoriated him for not protecting the women and children of Ireland.

During almost two centuries, and more precisely the years 697-887, nine different ordinances were promulgated and kept in the record of the annals of Ireland.

his right hand and his left foot shall be cut off before death, and then he shall die." If a woman committed murder, arson, or theft from a church, she was to be set adrift in a boat with one paddle and a container of gruel.

This left the judgment up to God and avoided violating the proscription against killing a woman.


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