Essays On The French Revolution And Napoleon

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However, later, Napoleon outnumbered the other two members, and again rewrites the constitution, making himself First Counsel of French State. As 1804 drew to its close, Napoleon Bonaparte was most feared and powerful figure in France.

Napoleon said “the Revolution is over and then he added I am the Revolution”. He wanted further to consolidate his rule and thus, decided to make himself an emperor.

He was most feared man in Europe, and no one could question his authority.

“Ambitions are never content, he wrote, even on summit of greatness”.

However, when the Directory came to power, Napoleon wife (Josephine) help him to gain the command of the Army of Italy, where he fought his incompetent army to successive victorious battle, thus forcing Austrian to sign the peace treaty, Napoleon himself dictated the terms and conditions of the treaty.

After success in Italy, it’s widespread his popularity among French people.

However, in 1812, Russian broke the treaty of Alliance and join Britain to declare war against French.

Napoleon invaded Russia with 600,000 soldiers, but Russian weather decimated his army, only 200,000 thousand return back to Paris.

French really needed a Saviour, high debts, high inflation, tax evasions and increasing food prices ramped the economy.

In 1799, the Directory was overthrown, and Napoleon was one of the three consuls of the new government.


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