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What may be perfect to one person may not be perfect to another, and differences in our opinions will always cause conflicts among one another.The word “perfection” does not have a set-in-stone list of requirements, due to the fact that its definition is subjective and rooted in opinion.My “utopia”, my perfect place, my “dream world” would be something not too way over the top like flying spaceships, or robots bringing me drinks.

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Imagine if my personal perfection involved having a huge castle with guards surrounding it and protecting me constantly.

This means that the fulfillment of my perfect life requires the employment of other people.

Without going to in-depth into the story, but in Le Guin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”, Le Guin describes this town of Omelas where the people there are having a good time, there’s a festival going on, music is blasting throughout the neighborhoods, children are having a great time, adults are relaxing and sightseeing.

It sort of connects somewhat to what I envision my utopia to be.

My “utopia” would be a place where it would be safe to walk outside in the middle of the night without having to think about something dangerous happening to you.

A place where you can go to a park and hang out for several hours without having to think about a hundred different things that run through your head constantly.Other material possessions are earned through a merit system.Through this system, if you go above and beyond what is required of your responsibilities then you earn a merit, and merits can be exchanged for superficial possessions. This, including relatives and children, if you are sick and cannot work, your relatives' health care will cover you, covers everything. An individual can progress their quest for knowledge at any level for free. Education is encouraged by society, and progressive study beyond the required levels can also earn merits.So in my utopia, my world, things are ever changing, there is not a day that is like any other; there are similarities, but never the same thing twice. They have all their needs met, and they meet the needs of their society. As a reward for working, all a persons needs are met by the society they serve.If you work, you get a house, you get the food you need, and the clothing to clothe you.My “utopia” is most likely a very different type of “utopia” then what I would probably read elsewhere, but I would rather have peace, a place where you can relax, be quiet, and hear your thoughts, then to think about how I would live in selfish type of manner.I think my “utopia” is this way because we live in a society today where things are very bad, the economy is down, people are getting laid off, children are being bullied through social media, and the most unimportant people in the world are getting the most attention in the news rather than the people who are out there changing the world for the better.I interviewed several people and asked how they defined perfection, and then asked if they thought a perfect society was achievable.The answers I received varied from silly things like “never ending ice cream” to more compassionate things such as “world peace”, but most of the people I interviewed agreed that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve perfection in society.If there were such thing as a perfect world there would be no need for advancements and breakthroughs as there is now.Society would become stagnant, and eventually die off. And anyone who does not work for the good for their society is exiled.


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