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Customizing Thesis With – This is a simple guide from the DIY Themes website to help you get started with Custom CSS in Thesis.

Introduction to Custom CSS in Thesis – This is another Tutorial you can find here on

– Need to keep a certain category off of your homepage? 10 Useful Answers to Common Thesis Questions – A collection of simple solutions to mostly simple Thesis problems. Creating New Widgetized Areas – This tutorial will show you how to widgetize areas of your Thesis installation.

You can apply the principles learned here to widgetize virtually any area of your blog.

Getting a basic 1-Column Layout with Thesis 2 is actually relatively simple. To start out, I would suggest you remove the additional CSS within the Columns package. At this point, you can also go ahead and create an extra text and widgets box to add to your Sidebar 2 container. ) Once you have included the Sidebar 2 container, we can jump into the CSS editor and create our 3-column template. At this point you’ll notice that Sidebar 2 is showing up within the first Sidebar.

For a 3-Column Layout, let’s start by creating our 3rd column. Once you drop the box on the columns container, you can then position the Sidebar 2 container below the Content and Sidebar containers. This is because we have not reserved any place for Sidebar 2.

How to Use Word Press Conditional Tags in Thesis – Conditional tags allow you to specify that certain elements of your design only appear on certain posts/pages of your blog. Multiple Custom Page Templates in Thesis – Thesis allows you to create custom page templates to do just about anything you want. The only thing holding you back is a lack of knowledge.

This takes a bit of imagination and a bit of coding knowledge, but this tutorial will get you started.

It speaks in-depth on both homepage and general blog optimization as well as optimization for individual posts. Thesis Hooks 101: An Introduction to Thesis Hooks – This is the guide to Thesis Hooks.

Restoring Thesis to Default Settings – If you ever need to reset your Thesis options, we got ya covered! – What’s the difference between the page framework and the full-width framework? If you’re a complete beginner with hooks, this is the place to start.


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