Gce Biology Coursework

Gce Biology Coursework-23
Our Biology course includes twelve compulsory practical's with lots of opportunities to carry out experiments and investigations.The course also develops transferable skills that can be used in many degree courses.

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There is a mixture of structured questions including practical techniques (38marks), critical analysis of given experimental data (15 marks) and one essay from a choice of 2 titles (25 marks). OCR A-Level GCE Chemistry You are the stuff that stars are made of.

Chemistry is the study of all chemical substances and how to change one chemical into another.

Assessment Assessment is via examination with part of unit 5 being coursework.

The A2 examinations are progressively more synoptic requiring students to draw on their knowledge from AS/A2 Biology.

All students follow the same content and structure which includes topics such as Cells, Particles, Forces, Gas exchange and photosynthesis, Chemical reactions and Energy.

Each unit of work includes a required practical to develop scientific thinking and practical skills to fully prepare students for the demands of GCSE.There is a mixture of short and long answer questions (76 marks) and extended response questions (15 marks). Paper 2 Any content from topics 5-8, including relevant practical skills in a 2-hour exam with 91 marks.There is a mixture of short and long answer questions (76 marks) and a comprehension question (15 marks). Paper 3 Any content from topics 1-8, including relevant practical skills in a 2-hour exam with 78 marks.AQA A-Level GCE Biology Biology is a course that is key to a huge array of careers. Biology A Level is an essential component for many science and medical degree courses.It provides an ideal platform for anyone wanting to study the Biological Sciences further.The food you eat, the air you breathe, your own body, your mobile phone, the plants and streets around you are made of chemicals.As you want inexpensive products, chemistry helps to decrease economic costs, and as you want a safe environment, chemistry helps to decrease pollution by detecting the toxins, and by destroying them.As above there is no coursework and students are required to complete required practical’s throughout the course that are assessed in the examination.This is an ideal pathway for those who would like to study Science at A level. This course is perfect for students who are fascinated in the world around us, the human body and how organisms interact with one another.Biology Advanced Level is highly respected by both universities and employers.1) Biological molecules 2) Cells 3) Organisms exchange substances with their environment 4) Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms 5) Energy transfers in and between organisms 6) Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments 7) Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems 8) The control of gene expression Paper 1 Any content from topics 1–4, including relevant practical skills in a 2-hour exam with 91 marks.


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