Global Warming Persuasive Essay

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The reduction of a green cover of the planet and the burning of fuel cause an equal damage on our planet.

Degradation of forests occurs on the background of excessive recreation activities and tourism, air pollution and in a number of other cases (intensive grazing, flooding of the terrain, drainage of nearby swamps, etc.).

A consumption of non-renewable raw materials intensifies.

More and more arable lands drop out of the economy as cities and factories are built on them.

A conclusion about the connection between warming and air composition change is quite obvious.

Moreover, the reason for the rapid growth in the amount of greenhouse gases is also clear: our entire civilization, from bonfires of primitive hunters to modern gas stoves and cars, is based on the rapid oxidation of carbon compounds the final product of which is CO2.

That’s why most of climate change essay topics have a cautionary character.

Until recently, most researchers considered the combustion of fossil fuels as almost the single reason for the CO2 increase in the air in the XIX and XX centuries.

Poisoning of the soil by the emissions of metal/arsenic dust in combination with superphosphate or sulfuric acid affects the root system delaying its growth. The vegetation is completely destroyed under the influence of the smokes and gases of copper smelters in close proximity.

Significant damage to the forests is caused by the acid precipitation connected with the spread of sulfur compounds into hundreds and thousands of kilometers.


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