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Knowing who's in front of you or behind you in the hallway or in a line at school can help you to avoid bullies.These, though they are great suggestions for avoiding bullies, they really do not solve anything.I had awoken a hideous network of villains and saboteurs, who were in pursuit of me, hoping to ruin my life… “The overwhelming negativity towards me, and the “hipster scum” I represented, was enough to make me get up from my computer, my heart racing, my hands shaking with adrenaline…” This page is collection of the best journalism and personal essays about bullying.

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The British study, however, examined only violent behaviors - such as beating someone up after school, and not the more benign behaviors like name-calling or giving someone the cold shoulder.

But some see bullying as part of the more normal aspect of childrens behavior, not leading to excessive violence later on. Eugene Beresin, director of child and adolescent psychological training at Mc Lean and Massachusetts General Hospitals says, "school shootings are an anomaly, over-rated, exaggerated, and extremely rare ...

If you’re being bullied and need someone to talk to, check out the STOMP Out Bullying Help Chat Line.

If you are feeling suicidal or want to speak to a counselor call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Are antibullying activists the saviors of the Internet — or just a different kind of curse?

Almost a third of teens either were bullies or were bullied, a new study of 16,000 students found.Many of the suggestions to prevent bullying, however, seem to be counterproductive.In one article, the author C Laura Egodigwe C gives suggestions on avoiding bullying, not necessarily preventing or stopping it. If a bully asks for your lunch money, keep walking and act like you don't hear them, and Be aware.They are as helpful as, say, telling a child that the best places to hide are behind the jungle gym and by the vending machine.More proactive approaches involve actions like walking over to someone who is eating alone at the cafeteria (Rinaldo, 2005).As anyone can recall, high school is a social hierarchy, and to do this, one may risk social ostracizing, but they will also be taking an active role in making sure that the other child alone is not being bullied.It will in turn make the school a more pleasant environment.Rinaldo writes, Experts say that bullying is much less common in schools where kids take the time to make friends with students outside their regular social group (Rinaldo, 2005).There are also groups like Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) that serve has mediators and helpers when bullying arises. They have to pick up on the clues that a child is being bullied.A story about two friends — why one made it through and one did not, and how you can help your children survive “the best years of their lives.A story about what children do to other children and what happens when we decide that children should be treated precisely like adults In Michele Bachmann’s home district, evangelicals have created an extreme anti-gay climate.


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