History Dissertation Topics

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Students should never turn in the first draft of their paper.

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If the adviser is unavailable, a campus tutoring center or a freelance thesis writer can help the student to narrow down their subject to a specific topic.

Each student will normally be paired with an academic adviser.

Through a good outline, the student can consciously guide their argument and make sure that the paper is completely logical.

The most important part of the paper is the thesis statement.

Even if the research is doctoral quality, it will not matter if it is supporting a weak or confusing statement.

Students will need to figure out a thesis statement in concert with their academic adviser.

This person may be specifically chosen or they may be the head of the capstone class.

Either way, the professor is a vital resource for the student.

Through this adviser, the student can ask questions and learn about new source ideas.

The adviser will be able to tell the student if they are on track for completing the project.


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