Homework Chart Template

We get most of the remaining misconceptions cleared away quickly.

I mark the overhead as we identify the errors, and they fix their homework. I compute it as homework grade /5 times grade on quiz (# correct / number possible).

Another goal of mine was to make the tool simple and intuitive.

There are only two tabs where you actually input data and all input cells are highlighted in yellow.

While they are working I quickly circulate and enter absentees, tardies & points for homework on the plastic sheet covering my seating chart.

I grade homework out of 5 points: 5 = completely attempted with work neatly shown; 4 = if one or two are not attempted or if it's complete but there are glaring errors; 3 = if it's somewhat incomplete; 2-0 = depending on the level of incompleteness; H = no HW.

They supply the answers that they think were wrong.

This way even the slowest child has had time to process what they want to say and everyone volunteers or is volunteered!

For this reason, I built a homework and task tracker using Excel to track all of my commitments during fall quarter.

I have been using it ever since and have made several revisions to the tool.


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