You might find that you can’t start work until the kitchen is tidy, or you have a sudden urge to fix the squeaky cupboard door rather than write that dull report.Both situations are greatly helped if you have a formal office within the home.

If you have the option to work in an office a few days a month, it can really help with this sense of isolation.

A common problem for homeworking dads is that if you’re doing a good job, you go unnoticed.

Be honest with yourself about how well homeworking will suit you.

If you tend towards being a workaholic it can be difficult to switch off when you effectively live in the office.

There are a number of concerns related to home working, but it can be beneficial in some production countries because it is often carried out by women and can be an important contributor to a family’s income.

In many cases female home workers would be unable to take up other employment due to household and parental responsibilities.Do bear in mind that working at home can be very isolating.Some dads thrive in a quiet home, but others crave the adult company that’s so normal in an office.How much of an issue is it if the job at the next level wouldn’t suit homeworking?Once you know where you want to be in two years’ time, work out the skills you need to develop along the way.As a home worker, it’s better to over-share information than be thought of as uncommunicative.Another potential disadvantage of homeworking is that you’re less visible from a promotion point of view. Are you happy in your current role and less interested in pursuing the next career move, or do you actively want to chase your next payrise?Many dads work from their shed or a converted garage.Having a proper work space helps you concentrate and, importantly, you can close the office door at the end of the working day.and other forms of positive flexibility are already well documented, most recently in research published by Stanford University, which found that homeworkers producing 20% more than their office-based counterparts.In some countries our suppliers are permitted to use home work for specific parts of the production process.


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