How Permanent Are Permanent Markers Research Paper

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We also tried it with Sharpie and it still worked very well, but took about 10x longer.

We tried this experiment around 5 or 6 more times and got the same results each time.

It appears that there is no other way to do this without making the marker smudge.

Although it may not be the easiest way, it is the only way to get it off without smudging it or leaving behind debris.

Whether you need to mark finished goods for identification or label office equipment, the smudge-free, long-lasting, wear-resistant ink of the edding 3000 is the right choice.

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In addition, this edding with its round nib works on almost all materials and surfaces.

When the Expo marker was completely removed it would float on top of or in the water.

If you touched it or dipped anything else into the water it would stick to it and when it dried it would be just like a temporary tattoo.

such as flexible screens, soft and wearable electronics, thin solar cells, and etc.” This may be important to you or your family because the development of these materials could require stronger and more harmful chemicals to remove and make it harder to remove these permanent markers ink from the films using only pure water.

We tried this experiment in class with Exposition Markers brand, which worked well and only took about 5 seconds to completely remove.


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