How To Grade A Research Paper

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Sure, there will always be judgment calls about clarity, content, and organization.

Sure, there will always be judgment calls about clarity, content, and organization.

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You can assign/deduct points in different ways, such as: When bad behavior persists from beginning to end—even if the paper itself has improved—you’re well within your rights to give consequences.

So if your teen’s attitude has been just awful throughout the entire writing process (e.g., unwillingness to brainstorm thoroughly, disrespect for deadlines, refusal to accept feedback or make changes), take this into account when giving points.

If you happened to miss something during parent editing (and therefore failed to bring it to your teen’s attention), he can only assume what he’s written is correct.

Let’s say, for example, that you didn’t catch an awkwardly written sentence in an earlier draft—but it jumps out at you in the final.

An effective essay is also unified and well organized.

Each paragraph in the body of the paper should begin with a topic sentence telling the main point of the paragraph.

The meat of a paper is its content, which you grade according to subject matter, substance, argument, evidence, logic, or other relevant criteria.

If this is an essay, also include an evaluation of the thesis statement.

This can be: Before they start writing their rough drafts, teens should already know what you’ll be looking for along the way.

That way, there won’t be any bombshells when they get their final grade—a grade determined not by your random whims, but by how well they met the expectations of the lesson. Remember: most student’s papers will be much better by the end because they’ve been revised and rewritten at least twice.


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