How To Make A Homework Schedule

Student e-Planner is a pretty impressive little extension that helps you stay on course.

Download: Student e-Planner [No Longer Available]Another great planner to check out is my Homework Student Planner.

Just like Homework Tracker, My Homework Reminder is simple but gets the job done.

Download: My Homework Reminder Instead of random Googling, try a toolbar built for education.

These Chrome extensions help you organize every class and assignment.

For assignments, reminders, and a helpful calendar, check out Student e-Planner.These options get you the results you need quickly.Homework Simplified is a cool toolbar that can help you research what you need.What’s nice about it is that in addition to the search box, you can choose from the buttons for Math, Science, English, and History. For example, the Math button lets you pick from calculators and sample problems while the Science tools include a unit converter and periodic table.Along with the subject tools, you have a Tutor button with resources like Sylvan Learning and plus a button with popular sites such as Britannica and College Board.If flashcards help you study, then combine those tools with a search option and you have Study HQ.Download: Study HQWhen you need to do a fast search, a basic button can be the answer.You can sort by assignment or due date, mark the boxes for items you finish, and review your completed assignments easily.If you need to delete an item, just click the trash can and away it goes.Enter your class, assignment, and due date (if you have one) and click Add.Then, as you complete your work, hit the Done button.


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