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Interest The reoccurring issue of students being swayed by parents to do business/economics is a subject for another time, yet it should be said that all too often students choose economics because a parent has a company/job and ‘really good idea’ for an EE topic. The two main reasons are that a) the parent is often a businessperson rather than an economist and this immediately skews the research questions (RQ) towards business and management rather than economics, and; b) the sources, while often meeting the primary data criterion, frequently become biased since no son/daughter is going to be willing to take conclusions in a direction that a parent finds uncomfortable.Instead you should simply find a topic and RQ that find interesting and then sit down and start drafting proposals.Now before I get into anymore detail, let’s PRAY my site doesn’t get flagged by the IBO for just giving you a sneak peek at a markscheme… Notice anything different between boundaries 2 and 3? While the end result was an increase in revenue, the addictive nature of alcohol meant that country Z was unable to lower consumption for the demerit good” (In this example I’m just gonna assume demerit good was define earlier) Probably a crap example but you get the idea. You should never ever miss skip your daily dose of healthy diagrams or the big bad examiner will tell you off and you’ll fail your exam and you’ll fail your subject and you’ll fail IB and end up homeless and poor and starving and, and, and….. 😀 Ok so I’m gonna assume most of you rolled your eyes at that one. Just so you know, I do try to make these posts as unboring as possible. Alternatively, the consequences of cigarette consumption towards society in the form of passive smoking and health problems may remain as smokers may not react to the indirect tax as cigarettes are addictive in nature.

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If your school is not one already, learn how to become an IB World School in order to implement the DP.

At every school I’ve worked at, the English and business/economics departments have accounted for at least one third of all extended essay (EE) titles.

I find that reasonable – you are supposed to get the full benefit or your supervisor’s experience and I can assure you that you are better off in your second-best EE option but with a supervisor who is not drowning in EE work.

More importantly, it really does not matter which subject you choose for your EE since it has little influence on getting in to university or learning the craft of writing.

As a result….” That’s probably not such a good example. Include your diagrams folks because it’ll make all the difference. All you gotta do is say “Please refer to part a) for the definition of an indirect tax.” Bam. You can just refer the examiner to the same definition.

You should check with your teachers about it but yeah. It can be hypothetical but you have to explain it well. You could have the best theory and explanations and still land a 6 instead of a 10. Looks like indirect tax comes up again as a possible term to define. Gives you more time to spend on everything else (by the way we’re going to get into time management after this 15 mark section don’t worry).It can be a real life example that you know of or you could make up a hypothetical one .So you could basically go: “For example, the government of country Y decided to implement an indirect tax on cigarettes to reduce the negative effects of passive smoking on non-smokers. You can move on to the next definition which is likely ‘stakeholders’ or ‘the market’. You don’t need to define a term that’s already been defined in the 10 marker.Points for diagrams are literally the easiest marks you can get in the IB Economics Exams. It’s so easy to pick up marks here that you BETTER remember to include them. Your explanation revolves around telling the examiner how the indirect tax affects all three stakeholders. They can be hypothetical or real life examples that have to essentially indicate the effects of the theory you just explained in real life. Evaluation is probably what chokes up a lot of IB Economics students. disadvantages, then a discussion with the points you wrote.I know I’m blabbing on about their importance but let’s take a look at a markscheme shall we? So in this case, off the top of my head, you could go: “The government of country Z for example decided to implement indirect taxes on alcohol. For the 15 mark questions, this part makes all the difference between a 6 and a 7. Well look at the question again: It’s not asking for an evaluation that goes “In conclusion, this theory creates revenue, reduces consumption and..” NO. Essentially your evaluation should look more like this: “In relation to the consequences, producers and consumers see to lose more with this indirect tax as consumers will pay more for goods that were previously cheaper and cigarette manufacturers may see a decrease in demand for their product.has guidance on choosing a subject for the extended essay.The PRC is only available to existing IB World Schools.You can also purchase examples of essays in the IB Store.These essays fulfil the requirements for an ‘A’ grade in the extended essay.Also, you DO need a conclusion so you’ll need to pick, in this case, whether advantages beats disadvantages or the other way around. Either way you do it, make sure you’re arranging more time for the 15 marker. Do a lot of practice before walking into that test. It’s not mandatory because you’re essentially referring to the information given to you on the paper but it’s good practice to explicitly reference of cite the info from time to time.So it would be something like: “Overall, upon further analysis, while it’s true that there are potential drawbacks to multiple consumers for the implementation of an indirect tax on cigarettes, there are also numerous more advantages to be considered which could benefit society and the government in the long run” That’s basically how you would answer that. This is applicable to both the 10 mark question and 15 mark question Looking for some more studying tips?


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