Iana Port Assignments

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These port numbers are generally accessible by any user on a system and are therefore sometimes called user port numbers.

Key Concept: Port numbers assignments are managed by IANA to ensure universal compatibility around the global Internet.

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While discussing QUIC with some network vendors, a concern was brought up that technically, port UDP port 443 is already assigned.

For this reason, these are sometimes called system port numbers.

There are many applications that need to use TCP/IP but are not specified in RFCs, or are not so universally used that they warrant a worldwide well-known port number.

From https://org/assignments/service-names-port-numbers/service-names-port-numbers.xhtml? &page=8 Yes, seems silly and nit picky, but I'm wondering if it'd make sense to try to get 443: UDP assigned to HQ ?

The vendor concern is that adding support for special handling of UDP packets on port 443 would have to be absolutely guaranteed to be QUIC. The other option would be to add an identifier to every QUIC packet, such that they can uniquely identify it as such.


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