If Poem By Rudyard Kipling Essay

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These virtues are demonstrated finished the manakin and organize chosen, the pleasing employment of literary devices, and the exquisite nominate along with poetic devices.

First, Kipling uses straightforward and slang language in his rime.

The most prevalent literary devices used by Kipling is irony.

For instance, the line: “if you could think”, is contradicted by the author by saying: “and not make thoughts your aim.” Similarly, in urging the reader to both ignore doubt and make allowance for doubt, Kipling constructs a paradox.

For more than a century, If has inspired millions of people all over the world, and has quite often been voted as Britain’s most favorite poem.

The poem is straightforward and written in simple language.These lines demonstrate how Kipling assigns human-like attributes to these abstract qualities, adding life to the entire poem.Alliteration was also employed to create a rhythm within the poem.Kipling has also deftly given life and movement to the poem through the use of personification.Examples of such lines include “make dreams your master” and “if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same”.Irony and paradox is characteristic of the tone of the entire poem.Another literary device used by Kipling to make an impact on the reader is repetition.He offers a variety of commonsensical advice that is realistic which stands the test of time.If  by Rudyard Kipling is something that mickle be perceived as a set of virtues fit(p) down by the poet which be necessary for the development of a good human being.The poem stirs a variety of feelings of awe, inspiration, and admiration. His words of wisdom and advice are universal and equally valuable for everyone.


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