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As Americans grow in their unease about the economy and their communities, immigrants become a lightning rod.Despite studies that show that a flow of workers into the country helps the economy, immigrants often face the blame for what ails our society.Consider entitlement programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, which are the biggest items in the federal budget.

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If you want to take America’s temperature, few issues are more revealing than immigration.

Americans who feel anxious or insecure about the economy or their community are quick to blame a flow of new people into the United States.

Immigrant-owned businesses with employees other than the owner employ, on average, 11 additional workers.

Of course, the common misperception is that immigrants do take away jobs.

The solutions lie in domestic policy reforms that encourage economic growth that in turn drives wage growth.

Restricting immigration is not one of those policies, and continually directing energy towards this as a solution is wasting opportunities to address the real roots of the problem, such as declining worker mobility and a lower rate of new business formation.

Still, it is disheartening to realize that nearly identical arguments have been made about successive groups of immigrants since Franklin’s time.

These arguments correspond more with broader social and economic anxieties than with particular characteristics of the immigrant groups to which they are directed.

Don’t blame the economy Animosity toward immigrants and anxiety about immigration levels correspond particularly to two phenomena: politicians discussing immigration in negative terms, or a poor economic outlook. Unfortunately, negative statements continue, increasing public anxiety that eventually gets released against immigrants.

The culprit couldn’t be the economy because it strengthened significantly in 2017. to blame, especially if we feel that no one else is below us on the economic ladder.


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