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When the Broadway run ended in 1957, Inherit the Wind was one of the most successful and longest running dramas in American history. It had 806 performances from April 1955 to June 1957 alone, and it is still playing in various cities around the world. The large number of showings of the movie and productions of the plays, both in the United States and internationally, is one good reason for an objective review of the play/movie.

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Howard tells Melinda that her father originated as what?

How does Melinda respond to Howard's opinion on origin?

Scott, Jack Lemon, Tony Randall, Spencer Tracy, Kirk Douglas, Gene Kelly, Darren Mc Gavin, Jason Robards, Abe Vigoda, Paul Muni, and Ed Begley.

The movie was also premiered at both the 1960 International Berlin Film Festival and in London, before being shown in the United States. The first movie was released in 1960 and starred Spencer Tracy as Darrow and Gene Kelly as Mencken.

The play’s run was extended partly because Scott caused a delay in the play’s opening, and the play closed prematurely because Scott became ill and was then facing a sexual-harassment lawsuit (Arena and Kennedy 1996, p. The play was later made into a movie for both television and the big screen.

The success and reputation of theatrical and movie productions are often based on the actors involved, and the actors in Inherit the Wind include such well-known film stars as George C.

Most commentaries on the play/movie make much of this distortion, but few have thoroughly examined its important propaganda use in the creation versus evolution debate.

The Scopes Trial is one of three important perceived clashes between science and religion, the Galileo affair and the Wilberforce versus Huxley debate being the other two.

In Act One, who makes a secret visit to Hillsboro Jail?

, which purports to be a replay of the Scopes Trial, are reviewed.


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