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If the i Pod nano does not turn on at all, the possible problem might be a dead battery.

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The total running time mentioned refers to the duration when the i Pod plays media continuously without operating interruption.

While charging the battery, ensure that you use the particular USB cable that came along in the package.

I can also use VLC in a script, which means I can tie it into my intranet, run conversions automatically, and/or keep "profiles" (by using scripts) for each video format that I'd like to convert.

In addition, converting to i Pod video with VLC is very quick, because the encoder is only doing one pass.

One of the most common problem that the i Pod nano faces is freezing.

Apart from that, other problems like low battery life, unresponsive touchscreen, frequent restarting, etc. This article addresses these problems and helps you sort them out.Even after doing this if it does not turn on, the best option is to have it reset.This can be performed by holding down the Sleep/Wake button and Volume Down button for at least eight secs or until the brand logo comes on display.You may try restarting and reconnecting all devices in the setup altogether.There can even be issues with the nano's touchscreen.This means that VLC is not just good for converting to i Pod video, but it is also good for converting to any type of video, where I need versatility and speed.If considering the disk space on an i Pod and the battery life, I think it is unnecessary to worry about file size/quality.Whereas a person can store their entire music library on an i Pod, a person will not be able to store their entire video library on an i Pod.At some point, that person will need to come home, dock the i Pod, and transfer files.There can be times when the nano restarts very often.In such a situation, it is suggested to restore the i Pod when in disk mode.


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