Jane Eyre Social Class Thesis

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Initially, at Gateshead Hall, she is mistreated by John Reed who acclaims that the social class background of Jane Eyre gives him the right to abuse Jane Eyre.

Once Jane Eyre leaves Gateshead, she expects a better life at Lowood School where she thought she would pursue her dreams, however here she is mistreated by Mr.

Later, when Jane Eyre attempts to become independent by taking the job of a governess for Adele, a French girl, she comes across Mr. When somebody passionately wants to stay isolated, this is insanity.

We see in Jane’s personality that she is most of the time feeling comfortable in solitude.

Bronte does this to challenge the class system in England which required everyone to stay put in his or her class position.

Bronte does this by questioning the role of the governess and whether she should be considered upper class, because of her higher education, or lower class, because of her servant-status within the family.

Bocklehurst who continuously makes her realize that she is nothing but a rotten piece which deserves to be thrown. Rochester, the social class issue again becomes a problem which stops her from marrying him.

Lastly, when she arrives penniless at the door of Hannah, she is again treated like a doormat owing much to her lower social class.

The novel also depicts the patriarchal patterns being dominant during the era, by portraying the male characters as being offensive towards Jane Eyre; however, Jane Eyre is a feminist who resists and continues being independent.

Thus, the novel is a clear exhibition of the social issues dominant during the Victorian era.


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