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Their “animal side” (or “sides” if there are multiple) is commonly referred to as a “therioside” or “theriotype” and can be any kind of animal or species, real, endangered, invented, or mythical.The term “Therianthropy” is used to describe both this ontological position and the community of individuals who experience it.Modern Therianthropes, such as Wolf Van Zandt (2010) who has constructed a Therian Timeline stretching from the prehistoric to the present, may regard such precedents as indicative of a history of other-than-human identifying peoples; however, the community as it exists today only came about in the early 1990s, with the advent of the world wide web.

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Lion Therian Essays

The preponderance of magic, New Age, and occult thought displayed on Usenet from as early as 1983 is indicative of the entanglement of technology and expressive forms of media with the Pagan and broader metaphysical community (Kinney 1995), a relationship that has been central to the development of these groups at both a general level, and a highly specific one with the Therianthropy movement being a case in point.

Nonetheless, the Therianthropy movement exists independently of these related subcultures.

Other-than-human identities residing in human bodies pepper the popular imaginary today, the perennial interest in characters like Marvel Comic’s Spiderman being a prime example.

40,000 years before present), prominent examples being the , a lion-headed-human figurine from Germany and the French cave painting known as The Sorcerer” of Les Trois.

Anthropomorphic animals, human-animal hybrids, and shape-shifters feature in many of the world’s legends and belief systems.


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