Literature And Creative Writing

Literature And Creative Writing-19
This will be recorded as part of a portfolio of work.

In this module you will develop skills in contextual analysis relating to two different topics in literary studies.

You will analyse digital resources, evaluate the arguments of a range of literary critics, and present your own arguments and ideas in a written essay and an oral presentation.

The assessments for this module are entirely coursework assessments.

This module aims to clarify the principles of good writing and to encourage you to reflect upon and improve you own abilities.

You'll have the opportunity to evaluate key ideas and concepts from a range of theoretical approaches, taking a critical perspective to the discipline as a whole.

You'll then have the chance to explore how to apply these ideas to literary and other texts.They’re passionate about their subject, and will focus on giving you the opportunity to explore your talents.Your learning will extend beyond the classroom, as we’ll also get you out in the field to visit key locations and every year students also have the chance to attend events at the Huddersfield Literature Festival.On the course your tutors will encourage you to develop your creativity as you go, giving useful and practical feedback to help you polish your work to perhaps even get it ready for publication.Your creative writing tutors are actively involved in writing and getting their work published.You’ll explore how to present your ideas using the latest media, as well as more traditional approaches.Every year we offer various literature modules so you can tailor your degree around what interests you.You'll be given stimulus material for writing, be encouraged to participate in creative group work and to develop skills in re-writing.The workshops and seminars will include wide reading, discussion of established forms and conventions in the writing of poems and short fiction, and also work with stimulus material.And on the Creative Writing parts of the course, we’ll encourage you to express yourself and explore your talents as a writer.Studying English literature doesn’t just give you the chance to read and enjoy some of the world’s best writing, it could also help you learn how to research, analyse, debate and create.


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