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These natural talents are demonstrated by a 12 year old boy named Ralph, he uses his skills to survive in the insane island in the novel, Lord of the Flies.Leadership encourages hope within the doubtful group of kids headed by Ralph in the novel, Lord of the Flies.They are similar because they both believe that humans are capable of being evil.

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Without knowing it Jack single handily formed a second tribe, which was full of hate, fear, and evil.

Ralph's trust in Jack nearly killed him and other innocent life on the island, but indeed it paid a toll that cost Simon and Piggy's life as well.

For example hope offers a reason for living and for doing their assigned duties.

Through Ralph's leadership he orders the building of a signal fire, for that day that they may be rescued.

Also their respect for each other brings peace and happiness for a little while on the island.

Through Ralph's leadership, hope is obtainable for all those who live on the island.Ralph's leadership brings the boys together by giving them a common goal to survive.By giving the boys a common goal they respect one other and have a sense of togetherness to complete their goal to survive.However, as time passes and the boys remain on the island, some start descending into savagery by doing things such as rituals and to the extreme case of murder. Because of these traits, which affect his perosnal appearance, he is not chosen as leader.Even the most civilized of them all eventually Boyadjian 2 takes part in a murder, which clearly exhibits Golding’s purpose of savagery that naturally occurs in humans. The more attractive boy is picked as leader, Ralph, because this is what society has taught the boys to do.The idea of the fire enhances the capability of Ralph's leadership skills and reasoning.This also ensures Ralph the confidence to be more then willing to face greater and more impossible challenges in the near future.In 1940 however, Golding joined the Royal Navy to fight in World War II.As to many other soldiers, being in a war can deeply affect one’s view of humanity.Ralph trusted each member of his tribe to treat others with the same respect he would have liked to be treated.In the novel, The Lord of The Flies, written by William Golding, there is a recurring theme of the evil in human nature.


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