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And if it's your job to help people, how much of other people's time are you wasting if you can't find the documents and papers you need, when you need them?

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What is the best way to manage your digital assets over time?

Have you ever kept a client or your boss waiting on the phone while you've searched the piles of papers on your desk for an important document?

If you have, then your boss or your client may not have a good opinion of you, because in a key encounter, you've let them down.

These research areas and themes are derived by using the knowledge and experience obtained from scientific project business research conducted in Finland since the early 1990s.

This paper describes project business as a research field by introducing a project business framework and the four major research areas inherent in the framework: management of a project, management of a project‐based firm, management of a project network, and management of a business network. Download as . Imagine how much more impressive it would have been if – when asked – you'd smiled, accessed a well-organized filing system, immediately found the document, and quickly given the answer!Even in the age of email and the internet, we still deal with many paper documents and files.There's a flurry of data pouring in from all directions that we need to process and, usually, store to retrieve later.We want to be able to lay our hands on the information we need – at the right moment, when we need it – so it can be used for further analysis or report writing, or perhaps for creating a presentation.All too often, though, we waste our own time (and often the time of other people) searching for data that's actually sitting somewhere on our desk or in an office filing cabinet.This adds to our stress, and makes the task of putting the data to use more difficult than it ought to be.Attendees will leave with guidelines and practical resources to begin managing their personal archives.The purpose of this paper is to introduce project business as a research field.You can spend hours of precious time searching for documents that you've filed away somewhere, because it's easy to forget where you put it – or even to forget that you have the document in the first place. Here are some tips to help manage your files: For any system to be useful and effective, it must also be convenient for you.To some extent, this depends on the nature of your business or the work that you do.


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