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Be sure to check out the Marc Chagall biography page, or the My Life autobiography.

Be sure to check out the Marc Chagall biography page, or the My Life autobiography.

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Marc Chagall paintings have recently enjoyed a strong surge in popularity, which comes as no surprise to a die-hard fan like me.

His abstract post-impressionist style with biblical undertones embodies a deep passion for life, while still maintaining a zest for the whimsical, and at times, childish.

The murky palette makes it appear more like an Gauguin’s generation had looked all over for supposedly unsullied subject matter, but Chagall found his subjects all around him.

He would paint Hasidim taking snuff while they studied; animals that would wander into his garden; his granddad, a butcher; farmers taking their cattle to market.

“Happiness isn’t happiness,” says Julia Roberts to Hugh Grant, “without a violin-playing goat.” He’s a charming but unglamorous Brit; she’s a Hollywood star: They’re united by their appreciation of a print of Chagall’s But though Chagall’s work is undoubtedly about the play of imagination, desire, and love, the motifs that make his visual language so distinctive have their origins in something much more earthbound and richly complex.

Followed right back to the source, these motifs also tell a version of the 20th century’s darkest story, and document a way of life that was destroyed.A Marc Chagall painting is truly a feast for the eyes.On the wall of any gallery, you may see a Marc Chagall painting representing a strong, deeply colored iconic image, while right next to it will be one of his brightly colored, fancy-free scenes of a family dinner.If interested in seeing his art, check out Marc Chagall Museums.Marc Chagall Windows - Read about the series of 12 windows Marc Chagall created for the synagogue at the Hadassah-Hebrew Medical Centre in Jerusalem in 1960.The basic composition was taken from a childhood memory of a woman screaming in the street for people to help her dying husband.In Chagall’s rendition, a street sweeper carries on working around her.The Presence of Religion in Marc Chagall Paintings - This article discusses the presence and/or links of Religion in Marc Chagall paintings.Chagall Art During the Wars - Read about how Chagall art was portrayed during the first and second World Wars.He experimented with demonstrates a tremendous softness of tone.Bent over a religious text, the figure seems to physically envelope the writ of God, his neck becoming elastic so as to better reach the metaphysics of his thought.


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