Marketing Plan For Startup Business

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Many startup founders may be under the assumption that they need to “do marketing,” but don’t have a clear idea of what that even means or why they are actually doing it.This approach to marketing is not only ineffective but also leads to wasted time, energy and resources.

But if you have a marketing strategy, you can demonstrate to investors that you are serious about your startup and you have put strategic thought into how you’re going to acquire customers and make your product a success.

With so many marketing resources available, trying to decide which tools or methods to use can be overwhelming, especially for a startup founder.

There are a number of SEO best practices for your startup’s website that you can put into place early on and don’t require expert knowledge.

“Good” SEO primarily comes down to a few key things: content quality, how long users engage with your content, user experience, and how easy it is to access your content.

Email is a powerful tool because it allows you to reach people on a more personal level, so be very conscious about what you’re sending to your contacts, especially early on.

Search engine optimization is a good example of how doing the work from the beginning can lead to long-term results.Putting some goals in place for what you are trying to achieve through your marketing efforts and understanding where you are in terms of product development can help ensure that you’re not just doing marketing for the sake of it.Whether you are trying to gauge the size of the market, test your proof of concept, drive people to your product, or scale your business, you need to know exactly why you’re marketing.Additionally, you should look for ways to connect content within your site rather than only directing visitors to external content.This means including internal links to other pages on your website that are relevant and potentially helpful for the visitor who may be looking to learn more.Using email is an excellent way to drive customers to your product, and will do a lot of your job for you once you’ve created the right framework.Email is one of the most effective marketing tools available, and it’s easy to see right away if you are generating results.Internal links can help you reduce the rate of people coming to your site and leaving right away, which signals to Google that the content is good and people are actually engaging with it.Product launches are an effective way to create awareness around your product and obtain customers.That’s why it’s important to know which are most effective and don’t require a great deal of spending.Here are three tools you can use to build out your marketing strategy without having to shell out a lot of money.


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