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Moreover, the sense of adolescence in the poem brings life to the poem. I was embarrassed 9by the old men standing to shake my hand.” This is an imagery to distinguish between the youths or the adolescents and older generation.Moreover, the theme of the poem that revolves around the dead boy is also an imagery depicting transition between life and death.A person may be faithful towards a religion or an individual.

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The literary, the poem portrays a boy who arrives home from school where he was “moaning in the college sick bay” after receiving the news of the death of his younger brother who was involved in an accident.

Just about to arrive home, “4I met my father crying.” ...

A religion is believed to mould a person into a better human being.

But this does not guarantee that people involved in a religion are religious.

The poem tries to depict that the poet arrives hove from school, but just before he arrives home, he is informed of the death of his brother who is later revealed as his younger brother.

He says, “11Whispers informed strangers I was the eldest.” The poet recounts a painful experience of losing their loved one and the experience seems to be with everyone including the strangers who heard about the death.

In order to be allowed to penetrate the Underworlds, the hero should have made a sacrifice.

We can see that in ancient mythology people should have sacrificed something in order to receive the invaluable gifts in return. The literature of ancient Egypt is mainly concerned with religious background and it was a great surprise for scientists to discover the love poems.

Te Ching...... Seamus Heaney's Mid - Term Break The poem, Mid - Term Break by Seamus Heaney deals with the theme of death and loss.

The poet tells of his younger brother's untimely death, the crippling effect it has on his family and himself and their individual efforts to recuperate from the devastating effects left by death in its wake.


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