Middle School Essay 2009

Middle School Essay 2009-73
Research has even shown that teacher wages can affect their teaching outcomes.

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This does not condemn positive education efforts, however, and in fact just shows that positive education aims to solve problems in traditional education that have needed solving for a long time.

Teachers themselves believe that teaching is “inevitably linked” with the emotional health and well-being of the students being taught (Kidger et al., 2010).

Grading based on participation, however, can be disadvantageous to students who are more naturally shy.

One solution to this is to offer group participation credit.

In classes where daily readings are assigned, these response papers consist of students writing down: This approach ensures that students not only read the previous day’s assigned reading, but that they are prepared to actively discuss it in class rather than passively listening to others talk about it.

Student response papers can also be used as starting points for class discussion if a class is still being quiet.

“Teachers and researchers in positive psychology are natural allies.

At its core, education is about nurturing strengths, about growth and learning.

To fix this gap, Positive Education is proposed, where schools teach achievement and accomplishment along with positive psychology-informed mental health skills.

In other words, positive education wants to bring positive psychology’s goals of well-being and mental health support for everyone into the school setting.


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