Mobile Phones Should Not Be Banned In Schools Essay

Mobile Phones Should Not Be Banned In Schools Essay-49
Cell phones should be banned in schools because they distract students, allow cheating in Schools, and they can be dangerous.Cell phones distract students in school Cell phones have become an important aspect of our daily lives.Several years ago, a study found that 95 percent of snacks and drinks available in school vending machines and cafeterias are unhealthy.

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I agree because during school one should be there to learn not to text or talk with their friends.Cell phones are distracting, disrespectful, and distracting in the school environment.Cell phones are distracting because they ring, beep, vibrate, or play a song, which will cause you to move or laugh.On the other hand, if it is your phone then you are distracting yourself as well the people around you. For example if it goes off in the middle of a teacher’s lecture a cell phone goes off then they would have to (by policy) confiscate the phone and that will distract them from what they are here to do.Cell phones are disrespectful to both the teacher and one’s fellow students.In an article written by Journalist Gayle Perez (2006) defines the use of cellular phones in educational facilities as a supportive tool and not a disturbance: Students can use cell phones for educational purposes.Consider the following functions that a cell phone might bring to a school that lacks a wide range of technology tools.They are just an everyday occurrence, commonly seen everywhere you go.Talking to your friends, your family, it's important to us.This new rule was set due to schools having problems with students misusing cell phones in school, forcing the hand of the principal to ban them.There are many viewpoints for and against this new rule.


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