Nanotechnology Research Paper

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He spoke about the possibility of synthesis of new substances through the direct manipulation of atoms and molecules.

Although this idea sounded like a fairy-tale, several decades sooner, the first successful attempts of the development of nanotechnology occurred.

When one creates genetically modified products, he works with the smallest elements of DNA. As a result, we have rapid-growing crops, rustproof sturdy metals, etc.

More than 40 years ago, this procedure was impossible.

Abstract: Nanotechnology is one of the most prospective fields nowadays whereas its achievements can be applied in numerous sciences starting from chemistry and finishing with engineering. August 15th, 2016 Nanotechnology is the process of study, manipulation and application of matter on the nanoscale.

In simple words, scientists operate atoms, molecules and matter that are thinner than a newspaper sheet.Luckily, genetic engineers manage to improve crops, vegetables and fruit in order to make them more resistant, bigger and safer.#4 Step: Predict the further Development of Nanotechnology A research paper is a scientific assignment and you are expected to introduce something original and fresh into this field of study.Without doubt, nanotechnology is very useful and vital for us.Chemistry, physics, biology and engineering are explored from the new angle - from the atomic one.1981 is known to be the year of the invention of the scanning tunneling microscope that could help scientists see atoms.A few years later, physicists could manipulate individual atoms and control them. You are able to broaden the analysis of the historical development of nanotechnology paying attention to other names and works devoted to this subject.You can learn how to prepare a successful nanotechnology research paper with the help of these simple writing tips.#1 Step: Observe the Historical Background of Nanotechnology It is impossible to research any topic without the detailed analysis of its historical background.If we speak about the origin of nanotechnology, we should focus on the middle of the 20th century.These links determine the structure of every molecule and substance.Thus, scientists have become interested in the possibility of alteration of these links and synthesis of the completely new substances. With the help of manipulation, one can create new materials possessing original qualities. It is possible to say that nanotechnology is related to genetic engineering.


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