Nuclear Energy Essay Argumentative

Because the rods are highly radioactive, their disposal must be dealt with meticulously.

Their agenda, unfortunately, is less concerned with environmental issues than it is with issues of power, money, and dominance.

Either way, nuclear energy has emerged as the forerunner for alternative energy sources.

However, radioisotopes in non-stationary power reactors have been used in different sectors such as industries, medicine and scientific research, transport, food and agriculture and consumer products.

Due to high demand of energy to support everchanging global transformation, human beings have invested heavily in the production of nuclear energy to solve and meet demands in day to day life.

Tim Worstall, one of our commenters, published a report for the Institute of Economic Affairs in which he argues that it won’t be banks and financial institutions that end up paying any Financial Transactions Tax.

The burden of the tax could be passed down to consumers of financial services – households, pension funds, etc.The economies of European member-states (and, in particular, that of the United Kingdom) would suffer.Even a modest EU Financial Transactions Tax of around 0.1% on equity and 0.01% on derivatives could yield 55 billion euros annually.The increase in global temperature is significantly altering our planet's climate, resulting in more extreme and unpredictable weather.Greenhouses gases, such as carbon dioxide, trap heat in the atmosphere and regulate our climate.The use of nuclear energy has come with its advantages and disadvantages.First, the most popular use of nuclear energy is the generation of clean electricity which is now more preferred to other sources such as fossil fuel (coal and oil).Nuclear energy reactors produce energy that is harnessed to heat water to form steam that is used to run turbines to generate electricity.Fossil fuels are combusted to produce electricity and carbon dioxide and other gases that are major environmental pollutants (Petrescu, 2016).Nuclear Energy It seems that the world as a whole is in search of an energy source that is cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient.This seems to be particularly true in the United States where the government seeks to separate themselves from their reliance on petroleum from countries including those in the Middle East.


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