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by David Sims MICHELLE La Vaughn Robinson (now Michelle Obama) wrote a thesis at Princeton University as part of qualifying for her Bachelor of Arts degree.It is titled “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community.” You can find the PDF copy of the entire thesis here.

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The hope was that all of us would mingle in heterogeneous harmony, deepening the quality of student life across the board. I understand that when it comes to campus diversity, the ideal would be to achieve something resembling what’s often shown on college brochures -- smiling students working and socializing in neat, ethnically blended groups," Obama wrote.

"But even today, with white students continuing to outnumber students of color on college campuses, the burden of assimilation is put largely on the shoulders of minority students.

Apparently, if you want a Princeton Bachelor of Arts degree, then you must either (1) have money, be smart, and work hard — or else, (2) be Black and just enroll.

In her senior thesis at Princeton, Michelle Obama wrote that her experiences at the Ivy League university made her “far more aware” of race and determined to work for the black community.

He’d have to start over, essentially “repeating a grade,” because, unlike Michelle Vaughn Robinson, he would not have the benefit of Affirmative Action as a substitute for actually writing a paper with scholarly merit. Michelle doesn’t show her questionnaire in her thesis, though she does describe it in general terms in her “Independent Variables” section. Physical scientists use equations derived from centuries of experience with natural phenomena. Instead, she appears to have used her feelings as a substitute for empirical analysis to judge a poll about the feelings of several Black Princeton alumni.

Michelle’s paper isn’t worth a hoot as an academic effort.

While she was a student, Princeton was "​extremely white and very male." Because of this, Obama quickly made friends with other students of color and discovered that the harmonious diversity portrayed in college brochures didn't translate to her own college experience.

“I imagine that the administrators at Princeton didn’t love the fact that students of color largely stuck together.

It appears to be a study about the changing attitudes of the Blacks who had previously graduated from Princeton University.

Apparently, Michelle went to the school’s Alumni Records Office and asked someone named Pat Larue to help her in sending a questionnaire to these Black alumni. Some time went by, and a few of the prestigious Congoids mailed her their replies.


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