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In fact, the Extension School was founded with this mission in mind: to create an affordable way for any motivated student to take courses at Harvard.

Explore our series of free or low-cost courses below.

In addition, you can also browse Harvard University's Digital Learning Portal, which features online learning content from across the University, both free and fee-based options. If you are unable to easily access any of the videos below, you may submit a request for accommodation, and we will work with you on your request.

See The Hero in Ancient Greek Civilization Open Learning Course Join Paul Bamberg, a senior lecturer on mathematics at Harvard, in the exploration of probability models for situations drawn from everyday life.

See the Sets, Counting, and Probability Open Learning Course page In this free series of video lectures, you explore World War II through a multifaceted lens with Charles S.

The Open Education Consortium (OEC) is a non-profit, global, members-based network of open education institutions and organizations.

OEC represents its members and provides advocacy and leadership around advancement of open education globally.

A major new feature of the ed X platform is the ability for students to interact with each other and with teachers in online forums.

In some cases, students will help evaluate each other's work, and may even participate in some of the teaching online.

Students are encouraged to help each other by answering questions.

You are not allowed to post quiz answers, but you may recommend helpful resources, so struggling students can work out the answer for themselves.


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