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San Antonio College, where he taught for more than thirty years and occasionally still teaches.

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SENTENCES, PARAGRAPHS, AND BEYOND is the first in the popular two-level Brandon series, which helps the student learn to both read and write at the college level, by providing instruction on reading techniques (and barriers), the basics of sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling, as well as the writing process and common writing patterns; lively, engaging readings provide student as well as professional models. Reading-Based Writing: Forms and Applications: The Writing Component. Chapters 4-14 include these features: "Microtheme." "Chapter Review." and "Chapter Review Exercises." 4. Principles for Identification and Function: Nouns; Pronouns; Verbs; Adjectives; Adverbs; Prepositions; Conjunctions; Interjections.

Lee Brandon is the author of twelve college English textbooks with Cengage Learning, including the best-selling series, Sentences, Paragraphs, and Beyond with Integrated Readings, and Paragraphs and Essays with Integrated Readings and the highly successful At a Glance series. Reading-Based Writing Forms: Summary, Reaction, Two-Part Response (Summary and Reaction).

Coordination and Subordination: The Compound-Complex Sentence.

Other Ways to Combine Ideas: appositives prepositional phrases, participial phrases. Variety in Sentences: Types, Order, Length, Beginnings.

Problems: Dependent Clauses as Fragments, Fragments as Word Groups Without Subjects or Without Verbs.

Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement: Person, Number, Gender. Essay for Discussion and Writing: "Everyone Pays the Price." PART II: WRITING SENTENCES. Subjects: Implied Subjects; Trouble with Prepositional Phrases and the Words Here and There. Writing Sentences: Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound-Complex. Readings for Critical Thinking, Discussion, and Writing. Cause and Effect: Determining Reasons and Outcomes. Defining Cause and Effect (immediate or remote, visible or hidden). Procedure: Unit, Principle, Division of Unit into Parts, Organization. Restaurant Review as Analysis by Division: Ambiance, Service, Food. Professional Paragraphs: NEW "The Mousetrap," "Low Wages, High Skills." Professional Essays: "Prison as a Community," "Female Mea Culpa," NEW "Prison as a Community." Restaurant Review: "Johnny's Wiener Wagon on a Roll." Reading-Based Writing: "Summary of 'A Big Wheel' by Louis Grossberger" Student Essay (demonstrating stages of writing with worksheet): "More Than Book 'Em ." Career-Related Writing: "My Chosen Career: Respiratory Therapy." 23. Working with Informative Process Analysis (how something occurred or was done): Background, Sequence. Student Paragraph: "Pupusas: Salvadoran Delight." Professional Paragraph: "Nature on the Rampage." Professional Essay: NEW "Coworkers from Hell and How to Cope." Student Paragraph (demonstrating stages of writing with worksheet): "Enhancing Faces." Reading-Based Writing: "Summary of 'Mc Donald's--We Do It All for You.'" Career-Related Writing: "The Skinny on Working for a Dermatologist" 24. Comparison and Contrast: Showing Similarities and Differences. Generating Topics and Working with the 4 P's: Purpose, Points, Pattern, Presentation. Every chapter in this Part includes Writer's Guidelines 16. Stage One Strategies: Freewriting, Brainstorming, Clustering, and Gathering Information. The Writing Process: Stage Two: Writing the Controlling Idea/Organizing and Developing Support. The Writing Process: Stage Three: Writing/Revising/Editing. The Brandon Guide for Revising and Editing: Revising with CLUESS: Coherence, Language, Unity, Emphasis, Support, and Sentences and Editing with CGPS: Capitalization, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling. Readings for Critical Thinking, Discussion, and Writing. Working with Directive Process Analysis (how to do something): Preparation and Steps. Readings for Critical Thinking, Discussion, and Writing. Professional Paragraph: NEW "Consumer Culture Rocks 'n' Rolls on the Scene." Professional Essays: NEW "Why I'm Boycotting the Super Bowl," "The Roots of Happiness: An Empirical Analysis."Student Paragraph (demonstrating stages of writing with worksheet) "My Dad, the Bank Robber" Reading-Based Writing: "Summary of 'Girls Form Backbone of Gangs.'" 25. Student Paragraph and Essay (Point-by-Point Pattern): "Evaluating the Piper Cherokee and the Cessna 172." Career-Related Writing: "The Piper Cherokee and the Cessna 172." Professional Paragraph: "The Temple and the Cathedral." Professional Essays: "From B'wood to the 'Hood," "A Mixed Tex-Cal Marriage." Student Paragraph (demonstrating stages of writing with worksheet): "Chinese Parents and American Parents" Reading-Based Writing: "The Orderly, the Disorderly, and the Illogical." 26. Readings for Critical Thinking, Discussion, and Writing. Readings for Critical Thinking, Discussion, and Writing. Using exercises, examples, and writing applications, AT A GLANCE: WRITING SENTENCES AND BEYOND, Sixth Edition, offers you quick and easy instruction in sentence writing, with detailed attention to matters such as grammar, rhetoric, sentence variety, sentence combining, diction, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. It includes basic instruction for all types of academic writing, instruction on writing the summary, and more than a hundred prompts and topics for writing specific and combined patterns of paragraphs and essays.


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