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Given the central role that measurement plays in our science, it is rather odd that it is often difficult to publish research designed to evaluate the validity of a measure.

That is, although we need to be able to evaluate the evidence in support of the validity of a measure, that evidence is often hard to find because such information is often difficult to publish in our best journals.

Although the origin of this specific figure is unclear, it is still largely applied to this day.

It is of crucial importance for the fund manager: if this rate of return is not reached, then fund investors collect the full profits of the fund.

It also measures the contribution of researchers to articles, by a metric called weighted fractional count (WFC), which divides credit for each article by the affiliations of contributing authors.

This measure is weighted to account for the disproportionate number of astronomy articles in the index. United States WFC: 17203.82; AC: 26639 When it comes to publishing in the world’s leading scientific journals, the United States is in a league of its own.To contribute to the ongoing debate about private markets “illiquidity premium”, this paper proposes a new approach to liquidity as a dimension of private equity investing, along with risk and return.Along those lines, the liquidity risk associated with private equity lies in the variation of holding periods over time.Submission and Review Process To submit a manuscript, the journal receives all manuscripts electronically via its Scholar One Manuscript site.For more details on the submission process, please visit the journal’s Instructions for Authors page for more details. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] high last-quarter returns remain associated with comparatively low risk and shorter time-to-liquidity, as VC funds capitalize on a favorable exit environment.Most hurdle rates featured in private equity funds are set at 8% of internal rate of return.To assess this risk, an equivalent to holding periods can be approached by calculating an average time-to-liquidity, which is a function of multiples and IRRs.Thanks to the high quality of the data provided by e Front Insight, it is possible to evaluate the average time-exposure of investors and estimate the variations around this average.The results of the analysis are in line with the well-established analogous findings from the public markets.Small caps perform better on average, but the large caps are better predictable and bear less risk for the investor.


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