Pollution Problems In Essay

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Degradation of air quality and natural atmospheric conditions constitute air pollution.

When, due to some natural processes or human activities, the amount of solid wastes or concentration of gases other than oxygen increase in the air which are harmful to man and his environment, then the air is said to be polluted and this process is referred to as air or atmospheric pollution.

He further said that “the quality of our atmosphere can be nothing else but the by-product of the behavior of the nations’.

The protection, preservation and enhancement of environment for the present and the future generation is the responsibili­ty of all states.

Read this essay to learn about Environmental Pollution. Such effects may change the structure of the com­munity making it less diverse.

In some instances pollution tolerant species may increase in number as its competitor has been harmed by the same pollutant.

Environmental pollution can be broadly classified into two types: (a) Natural and (b) Artificial.

But commonly, environmental pollution is classified on the environmental basis as: (i) Air pollution, (ii) Water pollution, (iii) Soil pollution, and (iv) Noise pollution.

Thus, pollu­tion of one kind or another is an important factor in structuring the habitat.

Sometimes environmental pollution may result not due to human activity but by other natural fac­tors.


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