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These three essays were incorporated into the “Third Edition, Corrected” of for subsequent editions of his collected works, but he varied the format and contents somewhat.

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How can you use and develop expert power as a leader?

Here are some ideas: If you have examples of where different forms of power and influence have been used well or misused we would be delighted to hear them.

You may not always have complete control over the rewards. Be careful that you are not power over others inappropriately.

However, due to your position you may be able to have some influence in the rewards. Many managers and leaders abuse this source of power leading to greater problems. Referent power is the ability of others to identify with those who have desirable resources or personal traits. This comes from the personal characteristics of the person.

It is the ability to make things happen, overcoming potential resistance in order to achieve desired results. Used positively it can be used to overcome conflict and even avert it.

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The person, group or team seeks to influence thoughts, attitudes, behaviours of another individual, group or team. Different sources of power have been identified and can be described based on power Sources (a) Positional Power and (b) Personal Power: Positional Power Sources Legitimate Power is related to the position or status of the person in the organisation.However, again be careful that you do not abuse it.Expert power refers to the power that people have who have specialist knowledge, who are experts in their field or have knowledge or skills that are in short supply.Look at what rewards you can use to influence other's behaviours and actions. For example: Their energy, endurance, empathy, toughness, humour, charm.People with this source of power can influence people. Two-volume editions appeared in 1764, 1767, 1768, 1772, and 1777. A new, one-volume edition appeared under this title in 1758, and other four-volume editions in 17.What role does power and influence have on leadership styles?What impact does it have on follower/staff behaviour and performance?This edition contains the thirty-nine essays included in Essays, Moral, and Literary, that made up Volume I of the 1777 posthumous Essays and Treatises on Several Subjects. Though gravely ill in 1776, Hume made arrangements for the posthumous publication of his manuscripts, including the suppressed essays “Of Suicide” and “Of the Immortality of the Soul,” and he prepared for his publisher, William Strahan, the corrections for new editions of both his and he speculated in jocular fashion with Smith on excuses that he might give to Charon for not entering his boat.It also includes ten essays that were withdrawn or left unpublished by Hume for various reasons. One possibility was to say to him: “Good Charon, I have been correcting my works for a new edition.


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