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This is the direct lesson that needs to be passed on to our children: that of not accepting the immediately visible logic.While not all problems are complex enough to require the scientific method, some of them need some deduction to determine if they are true.I used very simple reasoning and logic to determine that I was being inadvertently screwed.

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So logically, the fluid would not have to be replaced under 100,000 miles if it wasn't needed, right?

Where it explicitly says that if you don't get the service, the transmission isn't covered.

There were portions where it said the service was recommended, but never connecting to actual repairs.

However, valid logic does not always guarantee truth or a sound argument. Valid logic is when the structure of logic is correct in the way of syntax and semantics rather than truth. You can see here however that it's not always true, though in some situations it could be. Sci-fi fan or not, you probably know that this is not true.

Truth comes from deductive reasoning of said logic. While the logic is valid, not all transmissions are free, only those covered by the warranty. The basic lesson here is that, while the logic above might seem valid because of the structure of the statement, it takes a further understanding to figure out why it's not necessarily true: That is, based on the first two statements it's possible that some Daleks are Cylons, but it's not logically concludable.


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