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Therefore, it is not possible to say exactly how many pages a student needs to do in one day. However, you should calculate yourself a general guideline as to how many pages per week you should cover in the student worktext in order to go through the curriculum in one school year (or some other span of time you want to allot to it).

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There are no "hard and fast" rules when it comes to cumulative reviews.

It is not necessary to use all of them within a school year; however I do recommend that you use at least 1/2 of them.

The main reason I have provided tests is for diagnostic purposes, and so that homeschooling families can use them for their record keeping. They are provided as PDF files and as editable html files.

I have not provided any grading system for the chapter tests. You can open the html files in most any word processor (such as Microsoft Word) for editing.

Then you can edit the test and change the numbers or problems in it.

However, remember to save the edited test files under a different file name, or you will lose the original test file. This test is best administered as a diagnostic or assessment test, which will tell you how well the student remembers and has mastered the math content of the entire grade level.

These cumulative reviews are available as PDF files and as editable html files.

You are welcome to edit the html files for the purpose of providing a slightly different review for your student.

Then, to get a count of "pages/day", divide the number of pages by the number of available days.

This number will be between 1 and 2, assuming you do school 5 days a week, about 40 weeks a year.


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