Problem Solving Programs

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Completing the CPS Program not only enhances your personal and professional creativity skills, it prepares you to become a program leader at the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI)!

You’ll learn more about this opportunity during your course at CPSI.

I recommend that you solve the problem with at least three different inputs to make sure you really understand your solution and that it will work for more than one case.

I often use a Mathematical Induction approach if possible.

As much as 70% of our time should be spent in steps 1-3. You want to make sure you completely understand the problem.

A good test of this is whether or not you can explain the problem to someone else.Learn through small- and large-group work, including round-robin sharing and show-and-tell exercises.In this course, you will: Facilitation skills are central to the effective use of CPS, whether in formal meetings or informal brainstorming sessions.The Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Program helps you develop critical skills and capabilities for driving creativity, innovation and change.Each course deepens these skills so that you move from being led through the CPS process to adding tools and techniques to enhance the process to facilitating the process and, ultimately, to teaching others how to facilitate the process.The most severe of those is the improper allocation of time.If you have heard the saying “measure twice and cut once,” then you are probably familiar with the idea of spending upfront time to make sure something is done right, rather than diving right in.You will gain a clear understanding of which tools to use at each stage of the CPS process, as well as how to modify them to fit your session objectives or add a bit of creative flair.You will also learn a variety of energizers and fun grouping games to keep your sessions engaging and interactive.This time I am going to try and give you some good tools to enable you to get good at solving programming problems.(Really algorithm type problems specifically.)When most programmers are given a programming problem in an interview, they make several key mistakes.


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