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What you'll need: galvanized caddy (,, alphabet stamp set (, all those adorable little plates, cups, and bowls that you (admit it) barely use a second life as micro-organizers.Arrange them so you can squeeze in as many as possible — the more landing spots the easier it will be to find what you need.Keep the dishes from sliding with a nonslip drawer liner made out of an old yoga mat.

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Remember the excitement of pulling out your fresh Jansport backpack and those brand-new school supplies for the first time? And while many things have changed over the years, the universal love for cute pencils and notebooks will never be too cool for school.

Start off your tween's year in style with these easy-to-make supplies, clever organization ideas, locker decorations, and more.

Make sure the product is clearly in focus, the shot looks good and you do not overdo it with pans and zooms.

Simplicity will work best if you have limited experience and resources.

It will reduce the carbon footprint of your school and, if linked to wider activities to improve your school grounds, can contribute to a reduction in litter around the school.

It is an ideal way to address waste within your Eco-Schools participation, or to help make real progress within the Sustainable Schools national framework. It also enables students to take responsibility for an aspect of your school's life.They will use and develop important interpersonal and workplace skills as they work together to plan their project and encourage other students to take positive action.Some students will be able to develop their leadership skills, and all students will enjoy the chance to increase their self-esteem.PBL can be transformative for students – especially those furthest from educational opportunity. Take a vote in your enviro club to find out which of these key issues fires people up the most.Once you have identified the most popular issues, click on the links for some suggested project descriptions.The Student Project Guide and Teacher Project Guide give students and teachers a simple but effective framework within which to plan and deliver a recycling project in your school.Between balancing creative desires, recommendations from the research department and the preferences of a company, coming up with a good commercial can be quite a challenge.You will get a taste of this challenge creating a commercial for a school project. This script should display the unique selling point you chose in your brainstorming session.Participation can contribute to students' records of their achievements in school, and enhance their opportunities when they leave, whether into continuing education or employment.The project can adapt to support a range of learning outcomes.


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