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The purpose of the introduction is to explain in some detail what it is that you wish to do with your chosen topic.Aside from a general introduction to the topic, you should state clearly what you wish to show, or prove (= your thesis), and how you wish to proceed.On the basis of your searches you should develop a bibliography of your own.

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evolution), especially if you do not share the assumptions of the religious community that you are examining.

At any rate, personal opinions of this sort will not be taken into account in the evaluation of the paper.

The first stage of your research is to choose a topic, compose a short abstract in which you describe what you intend to do, and compile a basic bibliography of books and article to be consulted.

Your paper should normally have three components each of which has a particular purpose.

As an academic discipline, Religious Studies usually tries to maintain a scholarly "distance" from the material being studied.

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In particular, this means that you should avoid taking personal moral or theological stands on the issues (e.g., abortion; or creationism vs.In this section of the paper you provide the necessary historical and literary background for your chosen topic and develop the needed descriptive information and arguments in support of the task you have set for yourself in the introduction.In other words, there should be a clear connection between what you have stated in the introduction as the purpose of the paper and what it is that you discuss in the text of the paper itself.Simply put, you are coming to realize that the topic is much more complex than it appeared "from a distance." In general, you should prefer a detailed treatment of a narrowly defined question over a shallow survey of a very broad topic.Your research should begin with a library search on your chosen topic.Different secondary works will often disagree in their constructions of the evidence, and it is up to you to decide which of them (if any) is more persuasive.Papers in which you weigh the opposing positions and try to make your own judgment are often the most satisfying for both the student and the reader.It is crucial to distinguish between primary and secondary sources.The former are the raw data of your research, actual texts and documents, etc., from the personalities or movements that you are researching.Please consult the reference staff for detailed guidance on your research topic.The headings supplied in the course bibliography refer to broad topic areas.


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