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Here, we have examples of figures combining images and a plots in multiple panels.A schematic only includes the drawings the author chooses, offering a degree of flexibility not offered by images.They can also be used in situations where it is difficult or impossible to capture an image.Images Images help readers visualize the information you are trying to convey.Often, it is difficult to be sufficiently descriptive using words.Many readers will only look at your display items without reading the main text of your manuscript.Therefore, ensure your display items can stand alone from the text and communicate clearly your most significant results.Figure titles typically use Headline Style Capitalization, end with a period (.), and can be single-spaced.You must use the Figure title font style so that you can automatically populate your List of Tables. On the same line, use the font style Figure title for the title.Display items are also important for attracting readers to your work.Well designed and attractive display items will hold the interest of readers, compel them to take time to understand a figure and can even entice them to read your full manuscript.


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